[thelist] Developing on Linux

Elin Tjerngren elin at artopod.se
Tue Nov 27 07:04:04 CST 2007

I recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu Linux (on a MacBook with
Leopard - dual boot). Of course it's a learning curve, as always when
switching OS or applications so I still have a lot to learn. I like it
so far :-)

It's really easy to find and install new applications with Synaptic
Package Manager, i think that's what Phil means with this:

> I completed the 
> initial install in less than two hours, with the bulk of the time 
> spent browsing the package list for goodies to add on.

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon comes with a lot of useful tools like "Disk Usage
Analyzer" that gets you a really good overview of both your file system
and an account on a web server. 

It's good to have some commandline knowledge, though the Ubuntu
community has a lot of helpful tips that you can copy/paste.

> I also use UltraEdit, and was delighted to find a close cousin in 
> Linux: Kate (part of the KDE desktop).  

I've always (too long) used Homesite on Windows and had in mind to
switch to Emacs, though now I've started with a softer approach -
Quanta, which is more feature rich but otherwise the same as Kate. I
like it for its features but some people think it's too bloated (I have
yet to find out the quirks ;-) 

As you can see there's no problem to use KDE programs (Like Kate or
Quanta) on the Gnome desktop. Also there's not too much trouble to
install Wine and then IE6 on that so you can start that as a normal
application and test your web sites. Not much hope for IE7 so far.


          elin tjerngren

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