[thelist] Developing on Linux

Brady Mitchell mydarb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 12:19:07 CST 2007

> Thanks. I anyway test IE7 on another machine that runs XP. Using 
> TightVNC, it's pretty easy to do it from my desktop.
> As far as a Mac goes, my pocketbook can barely handle a new PC box--a 
> Mac is significantly more. :(
> RE: Quanta and Kate, is nobody using Eclipse?
> Thanks.
I'm a big fan of eclipse, more specifically EasyEclipse for PHP 
(http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/distributions/php.html). I've been 
using it on Windows for the past couple years and haven't looked back. I 
just installed Ubuntu on my home machine last week and one of the first 
things I installed was EasyEclipse -- it's also available for Mac, so 
it's a truly cross-platform IDE.

I recommend the EasyEclipse distro as it comes with the PHP plugins 
already installed, and you can install any other Eclipse plugins you 
want. It's a great way for someone new to Eclipse to start out -- I 
tried installing the standard Eclipse distro from eclipse.org and was 
never able to get it working as well as the EasyEclipse distro works 
from the get go.

It can be a little sluggish to start up, but I'm using it on my 6+ year 
old machine with no problems.


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