[thelist] IE7 Problem

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 09:02:17 CST 2007

> Many other people who get this error message have documented that it
> happens when JavaScript attempts to operate on the DOM before elements
> have fully loaded.
> Moving the inline script that initialises your Flash object to the
> bottom of the body element should fix it (just before the closing body
> tag).

Well now how do you like that? You fixed it!

Funny thing is that this site:


uses the same Flash JS script and it's in the middle of the the body 
tag, yet it works fine in IE7 Win XP.

Perhaps because there the script is inside of <div id="flashcontent">, 
the div which holds the Flash movie.

Anyway, thank you VERY MUCH for fixing this!


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