[thelist] OT: Need a new laptop for development...

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Fri Nov 30 10:50:19 CST 2007

> c) Apple Macs don't cost 3x an equivalent Dell, HP or Lenovo  
> laptop. An Apple Mac might cost 3x the *cheapest* Dell, HP or  
> Lenevo laptop, but that isn't an Apples-to-Apples comparison.

Very true.  A computer magazine actually did a comparison where they  
looked at Macs and _comparably_ equipped Windows machines, and --  
surprise surprise -- the Macs were on par, and in some cases cheaper.

I've also seen reviews (from pc-oriented sources) suggesting that  
Macs make excellent Windows machines, because the hardware is good,  
the drivers are solid, and you don't have to screw around with a  
bunch of crapware that the other companies put on Windows machines.

As Wired says:
	"Now, before you launch into the Apple Fanboy comments, remember  
that this is not Microsoft vs Windows. This is Windows vs Windows,  
with Apple managing to bring its trademark 'it just works' philosophy  
to the Other Side."

Regarding the Mac OS itself, you can generally run a Mac for _years_  
longer than a Windows machine.  My main machine at home is a G4 that  
originally came with OS 9, and it happily runs OS 10.4.  That's like  
a machine that originally came with Windows ME running Vista.




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> As far as Mac go, they look pretty - thats about it for me.  I would
> never pay those prices when I can get 3 equivalent Windows (Dell, HP,
> Acer, etc) machines for the same price as one Apple.  Its a financial
> no-brainer.

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