[thelist] Applying formatting to Form

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Sun Dec 2 14:22:31 CST 2007



I am trying to format one item in a form field, to highlight it.  I have
tried googling and read through all the texts I have, but could find
anything.  Here is what I am trying to do.


I am using PHP4 to populate a form with a drop-down menu.  The menu data is
read from MySQL.  I want to highlight the Team:  XXXX, field to make it
stand out from the rest of the data in the line.  Something like:


Team ID: 29, Team: AAA, Grade: Test  ("Team:  AAA" is in yellow and bold!)


The code I am using is:


print'<form action="editteams.php" method="post">

            <p>Select team for updating: <select name="team_name"></p>';

            $query = "SELECT DISTINCT teams_id, team_name, grade FROM
$compteams ORDER BY team_name ";

            if (@mysql_query($query)) {

                        $r= mysql_query($query);

                        while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($r)) {





                                    print "<option

                                    print"Team ID: $rrowid,    <span
class=\"alertyellow\"><b>Team: $rrow</b></span>   , Grade :$rrrow</option>";



            <input type="submit" name="choose_team" value="Update this
team!" />




A snippet from the HTML is:


id="gradeform"><form action="editteams.php" method="post">

                        <p>Select team for updating: <select
name="team_name"></p><option value=29,AAA,Test,>

Team ID: 29,    <span class="alertyellow"><b>Team: AAA</b></span>, Grade
:Test</option> . 


I have a style sheet which has the following rule:


.alertyellow {





The HTML suggests that the lettering should come out yellow, but it doesn't.
I use the alertyellow class elsewhere and it works fine.  Is it possible to
hightlight one item in a form field?


Thanks and regards,





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