[thelist] Mobile mapping

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Mon Dec 10 07:21:49 CST 2007

John Allsopp wrote:
> Hi all
> I may be about to develop a mapping application for desktop and mobile 
> devices. My thoughts first went to Google Maps, but it looks like that 
> requires JavaScript and doesn't really work on mobiles. Any thoughts 
> where I should be looking?
> I'm not an expert on developing for mobiles. I was trained in WAP/WML 
> but am I right in thinking that's rather irrelevant nowadays? Where 
> should I be looking for info about developing for mobiles? I'm an open 
> source kinda guy spending most of my time in PHP.
> Cheers
> J

The Google Maps people have put a lot of work into making them useable 
on mobiles, and it works very well every time I've seen it. It's even 
better on a device with GPS as you can track yourself on the map, a good 
way to use a pocket-pc as a sat-nav. I know there are a couple of layers 
of graceful degradation for various mobile browsers judging by the 
differences between a pocket pc and my regular handset (nokia 6233).

You have to download a small (free) app to use the maps on a mobile 
which is why it can work on a variety of mobile web browsers.

I think google is as good a choice as any, but to be honest I don't know 
enough about the competition to be objective about it.


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