[thelist] SQL SELECT and RegEx

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 13:45:45 CST 2007



Is it possible to run an SQL SELECT statement and apply a regular expression
to a field that will manipulate the data returned at the time of running the


I appreciate that I may be phrasing my question incorrectly but what I want
to achieve is to pull a list of product names from the database and use
RegEx to strip a specific HTML tag from each record.


I know that I could strip the tags out at the time of looping through the
recordset and writing the product names to screen but this is not feasible
in this case [I need to tweak a pre-built shopping cart but don't want to go
through thousands of lines of code if it can be done on the SLECT


I've asked Google but am not finding anything that tells me if this is even
possible, never mind examples of how it might be done.






Ps.  The bad news is it's Access not MS SQL or MySQL.


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