[thelist] Performance testing

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Wed Dec 12 15:00:38 CST 2007

What tools do you all use for performance testing of websites? I've got
a set of LAMP sites I need to stress, and am having trouble finding
tools to do what I want. I'll roll my own if I need to, but I'd rather
not re-invent the wheel...

- Free + OSS is desired
- Scriptable so you can easily create/run different scenarios.
- Supports central control of multiple load generators.
- Automatic collection & aggregation of test metrics.
- Recording of HTTP & HTTPS traffic.
- Properly process dynamic content (Javascript) like a browser.

JMeter is pretty much exactly what I'm after, except that it does not
support interpreting Javascript and does not record HTTPS.

LoadRunner is right out...too expensive.




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