[thelist] Convert RTF to HTML

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 02:27:14 CST 2007

kasimir-k wrote:
> Fred Jones scribeva in 14/12/2007 7:55:
>> Does anyone know of any such tool that works reliably and produces good 
>> (i.e. fairly clean) output?
> OpenOffice (tried the latest version 2.3.1) produces very clean output 
> if you use File -> Export and use xhtml. If you File -> Save As -> html, 
> you get unclean inline styles, but xhtml export keeps styles in the head 
> and gives all elements a class.

Yes, well, doing that 12,000 times actually sounds less interesting than 
investing $500 in a tool that can do all 12K files in one batch run. 
Unless I don't understand you, this would have to be done for each file.

Perhaps I wasn't clear, but that's the idea--an app that can do all the 
files automatically.


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