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Anyone who begins a post like so:

@pd: should be Inertia Expedience 20xx, shouldn't it? Will it really ship by 31 December 2009? Not if they keep going at their current blistering pace - a year to pick an obvious name, and the lamest blog post in World Wide Web history to brag about it.

@Dean: You guys should change your names, move to Kazakhstan, and pursue exciting careers as junior deputy assistant street sweepers. I was going to suggest JDA ditch diggers, but a) I wouldn't trust anybody who had anything to do with IE 7 near a sharp edge and 2) that job has fortunately been automated sufficiently by now.

SteveB ought to throw chairs at the entire Incoherent Exploder "team" and license Opera. It's not like you haven't done it before. Is the Spyglass copyright notice still in IE7?

would appear to have some deep pre-existing bias. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, we just move on. Despite what the comment says about "IE7" being some nail in Microsoft's coffin, it seems that business continues on as usual. If a few more "mom and pop" web designers like this guy want to quote in terms of "standards compliance" then that's all well and good. But for big web projects, the costs of working around web browser foibles are such a small % of overall cost, I don't see any nails in any coffins so to speak.


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Hi all --

Interesting comment on IEBlog from a web developer:

Both I and the other developer [common clients] use have started
quoting our work for "standards compliant", "works in any one version
of IE" and "works in two versions of IE" separately. When customer
squawked, we each, separately (only finding out about this later)
pointed them to historic internal metrics and external articles
pointing out the grossly negligent defect that is IE.
**end quote**

source: <http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2007/12/05/internet-

Interesting way to start making clients aware of just how bad IE is
-- quoting IE compliance separately.  Shouldn't affect your business
so long as the Ie quotes are on par with your competition, and the
"standards compliant" quotes are _lower_. :)

If it were possible to make Joe Businessman mad at MS for their
broken browsers, it just might push them towards full compliance.

Also note that blog entry itself:  "We're going to talk about IE8,
but only to make lame jokes and not actually give you _any useful
information whatsoever_.  But 'don't mistake silence for inaction'."
What a putz.


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