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Jon Hughes jon at phazm.com
Mon Dec 17 08:11:46 CST 2007

>> Please let me know if you like it (or if you think
>> I should stick to my day job).
> well i think it would be much better for you to stick to your
> night job rather than day job :) . Please don't get me wrong
> I am just joking.
> In regards to yout article why do you want to remove it?
> Add some more please.
> best
> davoud
> _________________________________________________________________
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> http://asksantaclaus.spaces.live.com/
I don't _WANT_ to remove it, I just wasn't sure if the list in general 
thought I knew enough to post on the subject. :)

I really appreciate your kind words (and kate's) - If you really did 
enjoy it, I would really appreciate a digg.  I only need about 10 more 
to get on the front page, which would be awesome :)


Much appreciated!

 - Jon

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