[thelist] Need SQL book recommendations

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Dec 18 03:19:37 CST 2007

Hi Jeremy,

> It looks like I'm starting to get into higher level projects 
> that I'm accustom to, which is fine as it gives me an excuse 
> to buy more books. But where do I start? Looking in my 
> pipeline of projects I see that I'm going to need to learn 
> * more SQL (specificly MySQL), perticularly in the area of 
> fancy queries (fancy to me, anyways) and stored procs. 
> * an how to build a matching / search engine type app (in 
> PHP/MySQL)... closest analogy would be like a matching engine 
> on a dating site, but for a totally different market with 
> totatlly different fields.
> So, anyone have any book recommendations for those areas? 
> I've gone through all the book recommendations in the 
> archives and found a couple books that look interesting, but 
> not quite what I think I'm looking for.

Joe Celko's "SQL for Smarties" might entertain you...?


It's not specific to MySQL (or indeed any other database), but it's got
some interesting hints and tricks.


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