[thelist] Sister's website

Rick Good rick.good at shiesl.com
Tue Dec 18 10:41:28 CST 2007

I designed a website for my sister's business. I've been designing for  
many years now, but mainly for non-profit corporations and not getting  
paid - or paid well. Now Sis wants to know what the "fair market  
value" for the site would be as she wants to pay me. I have no idea.

I spent about 200 hours on the site, but some of that was because my  
CSS skills needed an upgrade. The site is at:


If anyone has an idea what "fair market value" is I would appreciate  
it. Thanks. Rick

“… maybe a dream should be unattainable, or at least at the outer  
limits of your reach. If it’s too easy, it’s meaningless.” Clint, Page  
230, The Bad Place, by Dean Koontz

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