[thelist] unix acl help

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Thu Dec 20 07:19:05 CST 2007


    I'm stuck faffing around with file permissions for an ftp server i 
just set up on one of our redhat boxes. While all the permissions are 
pretty much there I'm struggling to understand the documentation I can 
find on ACLs. Basically I want to deny a user access to see or even list 
ANY directory other than their home directory. I already have the chroot 
jail thing set up AFAIK (using vsftpd) but it doesn't seem to stop the 
ftp user from being able to see and download files in most of the rest 
of the file system.
    Can I use ACL to block the individual user from seeing anything 
outside the /home/ftp/username directory? Also I'd like to do the same 
for the ftp-user group but limit that to /home/ftp...

    Please can anyone point me to some entry-level documentation or help 
me out altogether with the commands I need to run?


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