[thelist] [Easy as Pie] Ajax Requests

Jon Hughes jon at phazm.com
Fri Dec 28 01:21:20 CST 2007

Hey list!

Due to the recent success of the last [Easy as Pie] article (Unobtrusive 
JavaScript) which a lot of people on this list commented on, I have 
written another post, this one on Ajax.

I tried to simplify XMLHttpRequest as much as possible, without losing 
functionality, and I think I explained things pretty well, but if you 
see any mistakes, please let me know.

http://www.phazm.com/notes/productivity/easy-as-pie-ajax-requests/ is 
the direct link, and if you like it, I would really appreciate a digg 
(last post got over 700 diggs in a day and a half and hit the frontpage 
after like 13 hours)

I wont post the digg link here, because I really do want you to read the 
article and let me know what you think.

Feel free to discuss it here as well, I owe almost all of the knowledge 
in there to thelist, and I would love nothing more than for the other 
members of this list to benefit from it as well.

Thanks everyone,

 - Jon

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