[thelist] How do i set up IIS7.0 with a router?

Ben Joyce ben.joyce at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 11:28:08 CST 2007

Hmm, it might e something to do with adding an IP address for the
website (Default?) to listen on.

What happens when you request pages at the moment?  Is there a URL we
can try?  You may need to add a host header to IIS if you're accessing
it by anything other than IP.


On 12/29/07, Kevin Timmins <kipper_timmins at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi there, ok I have just about got my head around configuring the router to
> divert web page traffic requests to my computer, that all kinda makes sense,
> however I cant get the IIS to work properly, ie for it to actually serve
> pages that are requested. The localhost works fine, but the rest of it is a
> mystery to me.
> What things do I need to do to configure IIS?
> Thanks in advance
> kipper
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