[thelist] css vertical positioning question

Kevin Timmins kipper_timmins at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi there,
Hrmm for the menu bar, i think you might like to use a table (i'm sorry{i
just don't see another way of getting it to do what you want.}) the problem
you are going to have with it is that as different viewers view their text
at different sizes its going to alter the layout, either that or you use a
fixed div for each menu item, which could be quite tedious and also a bit
As for your layout problem with the header i solved it by removing the spare
div in the actual html code and then just did the following css
#header {
	background: #FFFFFF url(msc_logo.jpg) no-repeat 100% 0;
	border-bottom: 4px solid #fff;
	border-top: 5px solid #fff;
	height: 150px;
#header h1 { 	
	margin: 0;
	color: #666666;
	font-size: 2.0em;
	font-weight: normal;
	cursor: default;
	padding-top: 10px;
	padding-left: 10px;
Of course you change the padding to suite and also change the height to the
height of the image msc_logo.jpg

I also for my own use removed the img/ directoy in the css because of my
site layout.
I haven't checked this in firefox but it works with IE7.0!
I hope this helps you a bit :)you could also probably put the padding from
#header h1 into #header might work the same, i would have thought at least.
Hope this is helpful.

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Hi all,

I am trying to vertically position an h1 element inside a header and  
can't find a method that works for Mozilla and IE:

Specifically, I want to move the "Life coaching for living
from the inside out" up to be parallel with the top of the logo.  I  
tried this fix and it works on Mozilla but not IE:
< div style=" #position: absolute; #top: 10%;display: table-cell;  
vertical-align: middle;" >

Any suggestions for something more useful and elegant?

Also, I'd like to remove the last little gray tab on the nav going  
across the top, and center the remaining tabs, but cannot get it to  
work consistently.  Here's the css:

Thanks in advance for any help,


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