[thelist] Blog vs. FAQ/Tutorial

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Sat Jan 5 11:05:17 CST 2008

Bob Meetin nos dicho 

> Once added, FAQs and perhaps tutorials become static.  So the 
> question, 
> to engage the audience is it better to set up a blog with FAQ type 
> categories or to otherwise use the blog to lead into FAQ?  
> Say place a 
> lead paragraph in a blog that links to the full FAQ in a FAQ/Tutorial 
> section. 

Encourage user content. Keep it separate from 'authorized' content.

In-house experts should maintain 'expert' areas like tutorials and FAQs.
Cull new info from user forums (fora?) and include attribution so users
know they're appreciated (reputation is currency.)

Today's rant: FAQ - marketers forget that it means questions which have
been asked frequently. Most FAQ sections are really "stuff we think is
important about our product - see how cool it is? see? see?"

In-house marketing staff does not necessarily know what questions are
asked most frequently, unless someone is tracking them. Do so.


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