[thelist] ASP and Perl questions

L L barn104_1999 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 09:22:26 CST 2008

I'm working on an ASP site, as well as a Perl site.
My ASP question is this: I have inherited a site that makes use of Windows Indexing Service and Adobe ifilter to search pdf documents.  I've installed ifilter on my local machine and have set up Windows Indexing Service locally, as well.  I can create pdf files and also take previously created pdf files (without security passwords) and put them in my local indexing folder, and the index search will find them.  However, when I take a pdf file (with security passwording) from the live site (which can be indexed for some reason) and put it in the local indexing folder, it cannot be found.  Is there perhaps a permissions difference in the local machine vs the web server that would explain why I can index those protected documents on the website, but not locally?  Thanks.

Also, I maintain another site which uses Perl as its 'dynamic technolgy'.  I've managed to learn some about the password protecting mechanisms in a very simple 'user only access' directory page, although I would also like to add some simple database capabilities.  I believe that the server has DBI (this is remotely hosted, and the administrator is very difficult to track down, so I'm going by what I've been able to find via scripting an installed component report page).  Has anyone tried using Perl with an Access database?

Thanks for any help,

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