[thelist] aol, session tracking, and load-balacing

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Tue Jan 8 14:26:11 CST 2008

Are you 100% sure that the AOL clients are switching IPs during the transaction?

What you are probably seeing is the load balancer switching web servers and the client is losing the session. Try setting the load balancer to "bind" the browser IP to a specific web server for a specific time. This way they always hit the same web server and the cookie / session info should not be lost.

The other way is to move to DB sessions, so you can hit either web server and get the proper session info from the Database.

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> Hi all,
> One of our clients is reporting issues with AOL users.  Specifically, 
> they are 'losing their cart'.
> We run a 3-web, 1 db system, with a load balancer.
> We cookie them and session them as well as store their items in a db table.
> However, due to AOL's ip changes on the fly, the AOL customer's are 
> losing their carts.  The new ip hits the load balancer as what appears 
> to it as a new session, and may put it on one of the other web servers.
> Anyone dealt with this before?
> -- 

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