[thelist] 2 MS SQL (in ASP) Questions

L L barn104_1999 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 16:04:02 CST 2008

I'm working with MS SQL server 2000 and have installed it locally and imported a db to the local machine for local dev with ASP in IIS.  I have the connection string used for the db on the remote server.  Below is the current string - I've altered it to include 'localhost' and the name of the database, but it still is not connecting.  The pages will connect when the string is altered back to map to the remote server.  Any ideas as to what might be the culprit?

        Case "AMS"
            strConnString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;" &_
                            "Persist Security Info=False;" &_
                            "User ID=test;Password=test;" &_
                            "Initial Catalog=zz_test;" &_
                            "Data Source=localhost"

Also, I'm working with a table in a db that has NULL values.  New columns have been added to it, and the difficulty lies in getting my search page to pick up any of the data from these new columns.  I've done a data dump, and that works ok, but when a conditional search is run, even the new columns that aren't NULL don't return.  No error messages return, and the syntax in the SQL string is good.  Could this be a problem with a join?  I can post code, if desired.  Thanks -Louis

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