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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
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> Hi,
> I'm working with MS SQL server 2000 and have installed it 
> locally and imported a db to the local machine for local dev 
> with ASP in IIS.  I have the connection string used for the 
> db on the remote server.  Below is the current string - I've 
> altered it to include 'localhost' and the name of the 
> database, but it still is not connecting.  The pages will 
> connect when the string is altered back to map to the remote 
> server.  Any ideas as to what might be the culprit?

Hi L L,

I subscribed to MicrosoftR's SuperDuperGiveItAGuessC newsletter.  Ok, so
what error is it giving?  Make sure the local machine's SQL Server has
TCP/IP enabled (not just named pipes, for example) as well as Mixed or SQL
Authentication enabled.  If only Integrated is enabled, this may not work as
expected. Finally, use "netstat -a -n" and ensure that port 1433 is


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