[thelist] PHP - Making All Links Unique (even to same page)

Mark Howells-Mead webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Jan 16 09:07:34 CST 2008

I would check out the stats system first though, as some ignore query  
parameters, just reporting on the page itself rather than on the  
exact URL requested.

Mark Howells-Mead
- www.permanenttourist.ch
- www.flickr.com/photos/mhowells/

On 16.01.2008, at 16:04, Stephen Rider wrote:

> I would give every link on the site a unique ID attribute.  Then I
> would use normal links, but also for any internal links also pass the
> ID of the followed link as a parameter -- e.g. example.com/about.php?
> src=link12345

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