[thelist] Injecting HTML into IIS

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Fri Jan 18 07:34:14 CST 2008

> Does anybody know of a ISAPI plug-in that will allow me to 
> inject code into
> an output stream?
> A bit of background: I'm evaluating a website that is built 
> nearly 100% of
> static pages.  The owner of the website understands that 
> traffic analysis is
> paramount to proper valuation, but will not provide source 
> access and claims
> that there is no easy way for him to add Google Analytics 
> code to all the
> pages (presumably the whole site is a hodge-podge of static 
> files?).  In any
> event, he's willing to allow us to install an ISAPI plug-in 
> if one can be
> found that will do what we need.
> Other options include: enable server logging... This is an 
> option but in my
> opinion GA provides the most effective traffic analysis on 
> the market.  Set
> up a proxy to inject into the output stream... This is also 
> an option but
> may not fly with the client.
> Any suggestions?

You can get IIS to add a footer to all static pages for you...?



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