[thelist] compression / uncompression

Mark Howells-Mead webdev at mountain.ch
Fri Jan 18 09:28:03 CST 2008

By compressing an image to allow it to be smaller than the limits  
imposed by many email servers, yes, of course quality will be lost.  
I've not heard of email attachments being compressed automatically,  
though I suppose it's technically possible to buidl such a filter  
into a mail server. Here are some links:


Mark Howells-Mead
- www.permanenttourist.ch
- www.flickr.com/photos/mhowells/

On 18.01.2008, at 16:19, Bob Meetin wrote:

> I have a client who is an engineer, incredibly intelligent.  I have  
> had
> to send large documents, videos, digital images, back/forth.   
> Frequently
> the pics he sends me are poor quality.  He has said several times that
> when you send pics through email, particularly ones that need to be
> compressed to be attached, that there are bytes lost or that they lose
> quality in the process.
> Rather than argue (he is an engineer...) I just say that if it happens
> it's negligible.  So be it...  So the question is, Is there any  
> validity
> to what he says?  Honestly I have not heard of this being a problem.
> -- Bob
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