[thelist] compression / uncompression

David Lindblad fluidcom at cogeco.ca
Fri Jan 18 10:35:38 CST 2008

> I have a client who is an engineer, incredibly intelligent.  I have  
> had
> to send large documents, videos, digital images, back/forth.   
> Frequently
> the pics he sends me are poor quality.  He has said several times that
> when you send pics through email, particularly ones that need to be
> compressed to be attached, that there are bytes lost or that they lose
> quality in the process.

This has to do with lossy file compression (such as jpg) and has  
nothing to do email. Lossy compression throws away pixels resulting  
in file degradation, the lower the number the worse the result.

If the images are too large you might want to try a service such as  
yousendit.com and if you need to send multiple images throw them all  
in a folder, zip/stuff and send.


> Rather than argue (he is an engineer...) I just say that if it happens
> it's negligible.  So be it...  So the question is, Is there any  
> validity
> to what he says?  Honestly I have not heard of this being a problem.
> -- Bob

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