[thelist] compression / uncompression

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Jan 18 17:07:38 CST 2008

> The Outlook smooch???  Is there where Outlook attempts to 
> compress (not 
> lossy) or do whatever it must to send the file?

'smoosh', not 'smooch' - you won't catch me smoochin' my Outlook ;)

it offers to compress the file, but I have no idea what it does or how,
'cause it'll never happen

> A client tried to send 
> me something outrageous last week (which I never received) 
> and the way 
> she described it was that Outlook was attempting to break the 
> file down 
> into several pieces and send  as a bunch of attachments.

hallucination, methinks


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