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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
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> I mean <span class='green'>m</span><span class='blue'>u</span> 
> etc is a real mess and makes a mockery of markup removing style 
> from content.

Not only is it a real mess, I'm very much opposed to using class names that
reflect attributes of the display, as opposed to the elements role within
the document.  But... That is a whole different conversation...

> Is there a way of just doing less typing? Or should I be forgetting 
> html and using something else like svg or maybe an image with the 
> coloured text, with plain text by the side.

Here's how I'd look at it:

1.  Come up with some single word to describe WHY the text is to be
multi-colored.  For this example, I'll pretend the reason is that the text
represents a trademark.
2.  Wrap the "trademarked" word in <span
3.  Use CSS to style the word so that it's appropriately differentiable,
though not multi-colored.
4.  Use JS to locate the element and apply the multi-coloring transformation
using spans with inline styles.


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