[thelist] is hosting adequate?

Jon Hughes hughesj at firemtn.com
Mon Jan 21 18:01:25 CST 2008

I use hostgator shared packages
> and have been happy myself.  Hostgator offers dedicated hosting at a
> premium price. Bluehost seems fine for jobs I have done for others.
> What am I looking for in bandwidth needs that will determine if a
> service like cbeyond is a better choice for this client?

The great thing about hostgator is that, while in the TOS they limit you
to 25% CPU usage, they don't actually cap it.

I recently had a script on my site which brought the server to its
knees, using 95% resources. They simply set the permissions on
public_html to "000" and called me on my cell letting me know what was
up. I was able to fix the problem in about 2 hours, and was back up and
running (all of this happened because I got on the front page of digg)

I've been on the frontpage 2 other times, and both times it's handled
over 15,000 visits in an hour perfectly fine.

For that reason, I think shared hostgator hosting is perfectly fine for
anything that isn't going to really NEED a dedicated server.

 - Jon

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