[thelist] Bit of javascript help

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Tue Jan 22 09:52:33 CST 2008

Hi all

Got a bit of a problem that I just can't figure out... I'm calling an
initialise function (for [largely] unobtrusive JS) that grabs all the A tags
on the page then attaches an onmouseover/onmouseout event for each tag that
matches a certain class name... Here is the code:

for(var i=0; as[i]; i++) {
	if(as[i].className == 'snipHelp') {
		var t = as[i].id; // scope resolution
		addDiv = true; // ignore me, I don't affect this portion of
the script
		as[i].onmouseover = function () {  xhr.showHelp(t, true); }
		as[i].onmouseout = function () { xhr.hideHelp(); }

The function works but if there is more than one link on the page that has
the class name I'm looking for only the last  ID (var t = as[i].id) is
applied to every (intended) link

So if I have 2 links, 1 with the ID of test and the second with the ID of
anothertest, anothertest is sent to the function for each onmouseover

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance


PS I sent this earlier but it didn't seem to turn up... I hope I haven't
invaded peoples inboxes twice

Dan Parry

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