[thelist] Flash slideshow element not working

Mark Howells-Mead mark at mountainmultimedia.ch
Wed Jan 23 04:02:21 CST 2008

>   <param name="FlashVars"
> value="pics=&pic0=Ab_15_A3.jpg&pic1=AB_TM_06A5.jpg&pic2=Ab_23_A5.jpg&p 
> ic3=Ab_10_A3.jpg&pic4=AB_TM_05A5.jpg&pic5=AB_Tiku_07_A5.jpg&totalitems 
> =6&dir=http://www.villanova.co.uk/Images/Collections/tiku-prints- 
> and-weaves/flash/&"
> />


> I'm not a flash developer myself, someone else did the slideshow  
> but he
> can't think of why its not working.

I only have a little experience of this kind of development, but I do  
know that FlashVars can lead to problems. The way that the variables  
are passed in the example you've provided seem to be a bit of a train  
wreck, it would be infinitely better to use an XML file to provide  
the information about the individual images, then pass the URL of the  
XML file as a simple reference. That sequence of nested ampersands  
and variable definitions is almost definitely causing a problem  


<param name="FlashVars" value="xmlfile=/data.xml" />

Have a look here:

Mark Howells-Mead
- www.permanenttourist.ch
- www.flickr.com/photos/mhowells/

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