[thelist] email problems - any ideas??

Lisa B McLaughlin lisa at allspunup.com
Thu Jan 24 11:50:04 CST 2008

Hi Daryl,
I was looking through my 'The List' folder and noticed our problems being
perhaps related.  I have a client who gets multiple emails sometimes and at
other times emails never arrive.  Have you found any reasons for this sort
of thing happening?  I can see how if there is a broadband gap and an email
never gets sent, then someone might not notice the automatic reply stating
as such if it lands in the antispam box.  But I can't rationalize a reason
for multiple emails (two or three, maybe, but not 30 or ten).

For the moment the problem has vanished.  I did a Windows fix of sorts by
downloading from Microsoft.  I'd have to look up the link if anyone is


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I manage a few of my own sites and emails on a shared server - but am no
expert, so I would appreciate any input...
I have a few email addresses that I have set up fro myself.  Some of my
clients - and even email lists have trouble sending to one particular

This particular address ( daryl at browncowmedia.com.au) was set up first, some
6 years ago.  It is probably on a few spam lists as I used to get bounces
from people I'd never sent to for a while - so some folk had been faking
their sender address.

Sometimes emails get through to this address, but sometimes they don't -
which is a bit disconcerting.

The emails *some* of my clients try to send to me don't bounce back as
undeliverable, but just disappear. I don't seem to have this problem with my
other addresses that have been setup in the same way.

I'm based in Australia, my shared server is based in the States, my domains
are pointed from Australia...

Could it be individual isp routing issues??? some of my clients having
problem with this address are using pretty main stream isps...

Any clues why this could be happening?

Daryl Brown
Digital Film Maker
Brown Cow Media
Sydney, Australia


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