[thelist] SSL Certificate Choices

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Fri Jan 25 15:50:46 CST 2008

What about Open SSL or whatever it is called? Isn't it free? I think I
figured out the only difference between price levels of SSL certificates was
how much due diligence the vendor did on your company to verify you are who
you say you are.
This was my conclusion, although I wouldn't put any money on it!
We settled on godaddy since I didn't want to deal with how to make it work.
It wasn't my dime. :-)

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Hi Dan,

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"Dan H" <dan at drhathy.com> wrote:
> This just in from my boss:
> We're going to need to renew our SSL certificate in February.

What's you're hurry?  It's not the absolute last minute *yet*... :-)

> Verisign  wants way too much money.

No kidding! $399 for single host certificate!  And I'm unable to find
wildcard pricing on the siet at all, so I suppose its one of those
if-you-have-to-ask-you-cant-afford-it things :-)

> He would like my input on either Thawte or GeoTrust.

My input:

> Thawte ( http://www.Thawte.com )

Owned by Verisign, also wants too much money ($149 single, $799 Wildcard)

> GeoTrust ( http://www.GeoTrust.com )

No owned by Verisign but also wants too much money ($249 single, $995

Be sure to check out these:

  Comodo's InstantSSL ($79 single, $449 Wildcard)

  GoDaddy ($24.99 Single, $199 Wildcard)

Everybody uses the exact same underlying technology -- why pay extra?



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