[thelist] Simple CMS alike Wordpress instead of iWeb

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za
Wed Jan 30 03:36:47 CST 2008

Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
> I am looking for a CMS which is as simple to use and customize as
> Wordpress is for blogs (although it could be used as well for a really
> minor static site; but this wouldn't be an option for me, I think) and
> which would give me a reason not to use iWeb.
> My wife wants (me) to develop a website for a very small NGO; just a
> couple of pages about what they are doing, when they have some
> activities, and a profile of each of the persons involved. I would use
> iWeb as it is really simple to use - my wife can deal with it after some
> minor instructions.
> But they are thinking of offering the site in different languages. And
> that would be a bit more difficult to deal with when using iWeb -
> although still feasible.
> But if there would be a simple CMS - I myself use Wordpress, which I
> find very easy to use, for different blogs; and I had something like
> this in mind -, than that could be a more elegant solution...
> Thanks for any hints.

I would suggest Drupal. While it's not quite as "simple" as Wordpress
(it goes about things a different way, that's all), it's got some good
i18n modules and due to it's modular approach, you can add functionality
to the site later on if you need to.

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