[thelist] CSS Question

Donald Pasewark don at pasewark.com
Sun Feb 3 14:44:48 CST 2008

Excellent, that worked very well. Thank you.

What is the rule for writing CSS code like this. Obviously, the img  
comes last and I was guessing at how to do it. One of my problems is I  
don't know the proper syntax. Where could I find this kind of  
reference information?


> Donald Pasewark wrote:
>> The images are linked and I want to have the border change color on
>> the rollover. Would the code to do that look like this?
>> div.text img a:hover {
>> 	float: left;
>> 	margin-right: 14px;
>> 	border: 1px solid #f92727;
>> }
> that's a little backward -- try :
> div.text a:hover img
> instead.  also you don't need to specify the float and margin-right
> again since they're the same.

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