[thelist] spammers - perpetrators]

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Feb 4 21:54:45 CST 2008

It's been a week, a little tweaking here/there, but mostly the SPAM is 
under control. Again the latest examples at:

http://www.dottedi.biz/codesamples/scripts/comment_form.txt (text 
version - see the code)

In the live form I have fields to enter a first and last name.  Since I 
started tracking the IP's and the text entered in these fields I see 
that in about 90+% of what is attempted the spambot commonly dumps a 
similar long text string into both.  Not many real people have the same 
long first and last name.  I set up the logfile as a simple pipe 
delimited file.  If you really wanted you could load it into a 
spreadsheet and sort by IP, first name, etc.  This is almost fun...  The 
log looks like:

comment_form.php | 2008-02-04-20:49:30 | | madollium | 
comment_form.php | 2008-02-04-20:50:29 | | cearratrismib | 
comment_form.php | 2008-02-04-21:14:48 | | Nevenouse | 
comment_form.php | 2008-02-04-20:41:19 | | Foolybealmery | 

I'd still love to hear back suggestions how/where to report the 
abusers?  BTW, what are commonly accepted string lengths for first name, 
last name and email (perhaps 20-30-40)?


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