[thelist] PHP/MSQL question millions or thousands

David Menzel DavidM at circlebroach.net
Wed Feb 6 08:14:00 CST 2008

There are probably people here with better answers than me as im still 
learning alot, but I would handle this by making a table for all the 
ingredients, with a key field that links to the unique primary key of 
the actual recipe. Then you can store some info on each ingredient for 
each recipe separately, but still pull them all up with one query.

Just my .02.


Fred D Yocum wrote:
> I am planning a recipe MSQL database (for a Web site) and would like to be 
> able to search/extrapolate via single ingredients (list of all recipes 
> with carrots).
> For those with experience, which is going to be more efficient -- creating 
> a separate entry for each ingredient (millions of little chunks of 
> information) or putting all of the ingredients into one entry and 
> searching within that entry (thousands of chunks of information that need 
> to be search in)?
> Fred D

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