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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Feb 6 10:42:08 CST 2008

Martin Burns noted:

>>Not least because the number of discrete ingredients isn't
>>going to be that high unless you really are going to be deeply
>>specialist about the sourcing of them.

Hi Martin,

Yeah, I noticed that too.  I guess I don't understand where they
are going with this because if they get toooo terribly specific with
the ingredient list then it becomes less than useful ...

"Sorry, no entry for 'carrot', try 'organically grown Infinity' or
'hydroponically grown Supreme Chantenay using CFC bulbs purchased
on sale at Wally-World last November 14th'."

Even with the 50 or 60 different varieties of carrot seeds, you
can pretty much only get 'Imperator' in grocery stores here.
(Well, you can sometimes get "Aggie" carrots in Texas - but
probably not in your neighborhood!)

- Are they going to not return a recipe for 'fresh carrots' because
all the user has is 'frozen carrots'?  Or not return a recipe for
'grape tomatoes' because all the user has is 'cherry tomatoes'?

- Is the ultimate goal to get to a 'here are the 5 things this college
kid has in the pantry, what can he make with that?'  Cuz that's different
than a single ingredient search.

- Hopefully this is supplemental to the 'traditional' recipe searches like
'meal' (lunch or dinner), Cuisine (Italian or TexMex),
Cocktails (watered down or Evoltian), Desserts (baked or fried)  Etc.


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