[thelist] PHP/MSQL question millions or thousands

Fred D Yocum fdy at mcc.org
Wed Feb 6 13:54:09 CST 2008

Wow, I am on digest mode, (probably not a good idea when asking a 
question) what a lot of good thought provoking replies! I did a recipe 
site once before (for the collection of recipes) and now remember how 
difficult to impose a structured order on recipes -- which can vary 
enormously depending on who is supplying it.

 http://www.nibblous.com Recipe and ingredients are held in one text 
field. What saves you from having carrotts or hum? How to index just the 
ingredients? Perhaps on processing you check each word against a table of 
ingredients and create a tag cluster held with the recipe record from the 
hits found. This also might save one from ingredient naming variations 
(Swede = Rutabaga, Zucchini= Marrow) 

> ...it is hard to think of an interface where creating a recipe would be 
refreshingly simple given such a database design, especially when I start 
thinking about how a qty, unit, preparation style, brand name, etc. would 
all be valid variations of the same ingredient.

Ta everyone,
Fred D

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