[thelist] Binary file manipulation in PHP

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 05:02:38 CST 2008


I am a complete novice when it comes to binary operations, and Google is not
helping because I don't know the correct keywords to get what I need to

Here's the situation. A long, long time ago, some developer at my company
invented a custom file format. The software to read these files no longer
exists, but I need to read out a couple of these files anyway. Fortunately,
there is a reasonably detailed file format description available (the
developer himself passed away a few years ago).

Simply opening the files in Notepad gives a load of gibberish, so I'm trying
to work off of the specs, that say about the beginning of the file:

offset 0x00: 2 bytes, version
offset 0x02: 8 bytes, filetype constant (there are several types of files,
the documentation branches off to handle each file type)
offset 0x0A: 2 bytes, count of items
...etc detailing the whole file

I can open the file using fopen(), and read out its contents using fread()
and fseek(), but how do I convert something that Notepad thinks looks like "
¬" into a version number? PHP is the only "language" I feel comfortable
enough in to try this, and I'm sure it's possible somehow.

If anyone can point me to some resources on how to handle this, I'd
appreciate it.



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