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Robert Douglas robert.douglas at rightmove.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 02:53:01 CST 2008

I've found the Photoshop plugin results in very pixelated ico files. I
wouldn't recommend it myself. I found the online ico makers good but
made the whole process slow.

Have recently used Easy Icon Maker (www.icon-maker.com - not free, but
has a 30 day trial) and the following (slightly convoluted) process.

1. Resize your logo/picture in Photoshop, sharpening it as you reduce
the size to make it look respectable.
2. Save for web (24-bit PNG if you want proper transparency). 
Note: Think about context - your ico will show on a dirty grey
background in Firefox tabs (the same for IE?) so unless your ico uses a
strong colour, it may not look so great if transparent.
3. Open png in EIM and modify the pixels as you need.
4. Save

PS. If you get to look at our ico (rightmove.co.uk) you'll notice it's
pretty horrid - the new one is coming, hence why I've been playing with
icos recently...


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Graphic Converter is _not_ free.

As mentioned, however, there is a Photoshop plugin.  Here's one:



On Feb 12, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Pieter Roosens wrote:

> Graphic Converter (free) does this on the Mac.
> Op 12-feb-08, om 20:04 heeft Lightening het volgende geschreven:
>> I have created a very nice icon in Illustrator. It is currently a 
>> .gif file.
>> I am trying to get it into .ico so it can be used by a c# program.
>> I've got Illustrator, Photoshop, Pixillion, and IconEasel.

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