[thelist] help on css navigation

Brother Levi (Michael) Edmonson webtech at paracletepress.com
Thu Feb 14 09:40:04 CST 2008

Here is an updated version with as many fixes as I have had a chance to do
Thanks everyone for your help!  I need to work on getting the underline 
simulated using the border-bottom attribute.
now that I've cleaned up my validation problems, I am hoping that I can 
get these issues fixed

1) the upper cased text is underlined below the rest of the underlined 
links in IE 7
2) the buttons are full width in ie 6
3) also, if I can get it to work, I was trying to hide the underline 
under the "~" characters on either side of the words

Brother Levi (Michael) Edmonson
brlevi at paracletepress.com
Paraclete Press
508-255-4685 ext. 308

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