[thelist] PHP file/download management?

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Thu Feb 14 15:47:21 CST 2008


Are you looking to charge for access, or just control access? I've been using an application called AMemberPro which allows for paid (or free if you so choose) membership access control to whatever you want. Its not a download manager per se, but you can create groups with different access privileges. Its PHP/MySQL based and it runs $179 currently. It uses Smarty templates and can be integrated into the look and feel of your current site.

It works with a huge number of payment gateways as well, if you're going to be charging for access.

The company is called CGI Central. You can download a free trial, which is what I initially did. They also include installation with purchase, but I opted to handle that myself.


I'd like to hear what others are using though. Always good to comparison shop!


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Hi --

Can anybody recommend a good file/download management web application?

I'm looking for:

1) free/open source preferred, but reasonable price (<~$75) maybe
2) user logins to control who has access to what
3) preferably "groups" settings so I can assign users to groups and then control access for all group members
4) PHP (mySQL if DB-driven)
5) Skinnable so I can match the look to the website

Thanks for any advice.  Yes, I've seen lots of stuff via Google, but I was looking for personal recommendations, not ads. :)


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