[thelist] cannot set overflow for <td>, is wrapping content in <td> with another element the only way?

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Mon Feb 18 05:23:45 CST 2008

Is the data from the 'long and unimportant table cells' coming from a
database, and is it text? If so, you could only grab as much as will fit
into the table cell.

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it turns out that it's not possible to set overflow for table cells (<td>
and <th>), as I did a lot of experiments and read various forum discussions
about it, e.g.:

The problem is I am working on a complicated web application, I need the
content in the table cells to be "overflow: hidden" otherwise several very
long (and unimportant) table cells would change the table arrangement and
break a lot other things. Placing a <div> inside the table cells and define
overflow style on that <div> can solve the problem by breaking a whole lot
of javascript written for it. Update these javascript would be a difficult

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