[thelist] [Consulting Project] Flash Media Server Guru Needed

Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Tue Feb 19 16:48:09 CST 2008

A current client is looking for a Flash Media Server consultant to come 
in to review their current server set-up and come up with 
recommendations for long-term management of files and other related issues.

Description from the client:

"We're looking an expert on the sysadmin side of Flash Media Server 
located in Southern California to come into our office for a short-term 
consulting job.

We have a very nice dedicated piece of hardware and FMS3 installed and 
we just want to go over some configuration issues and exchange expertise 
with a consultant before going into production.

The consultant should be prepared to:

·Verify the configuration of flash (external), preview (internal 
staging), and flashinternal (Intranet).  Where to store things?

·Tell us what to watch for, give us the best practices.

·Debugging and performance tips

·Help us to understand action scripting on the server and client sides 
(e.g., detect bandwidth and serve up right size video)

·Develop a strategy to benchmark performance.

·How to best setup usage monitoring/log files?  Best way to feed into 
urchin, etc.

·File ownership/directory setup/disc usage/etc.

The specifics on the installation are:
HP DL385
Dual Zeon 3 GHz
1 Terabyte storage
1 GB Ethernet
SCSI discs
Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4  (32-bit, fully patched)

Timeframe is also important—we’re hoping to have the server battle ready 
in the next 2-3 weeks (by approx March 7)."

Please email me if you are or know someone who fits this description, 
and I'll forward the contact info to the client.

Many, many thanks,

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