[thelist] SEO question - google local

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Feb 21 19:48:45 CST 2008

I passed this through my SEO forum, but no one seems willing to offer a 

With Google Local, when configuring an account, there is a custom 
attributes tab in which you can update "Areas Served" as well as some 
custom tab info. If you add a list of local cities in the areas served 
tab will this have any effect once google local propogates.

Say my city is Normalville, and area code 10000, but I also want to be 
visible for the neighboring city of Abnormalville. Will listing 
Abnormalville along with perhaps its abnormal zip code and maybe the its 
ab-county name help. Or say I give a long list of neighboring cities?

Next question, my client has a business associate who wants to be found 
by his personal name, John Smith but probably not listed in the regular 
business description. Will adding a custom take that names him and 
possibly his phone number do anything for people who might genuinely be 
searching for him by name?

Or does google, yahoo local, etc. have an algorithm that identifies 
cities and neighboring cities that is pre-defined?  If you fit the shoe, 
it's the only shoe that fits....

The goal is to ensure that the site comes up as a neighboring city when 
we search by zip code or city.

Bob Meetin
dotted i - Internet Strategies & Solutions

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