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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Fri Feb 22 16:54:57 CST 2008

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> I've got a client that is wanting to add an online order form to his
> sandwich shop's website. He wants the order faxed to him so that the
> employee just grabs the faxed order and fills it. The problem I'm
> running into is that all the services I've found that will take
> incoming emails and fax them, get rather expensive when looking at
> high volume. Most places seem to be offering 200 faxes per month or
> less in their packages. This client expects 500+ a week. Does anyone
> know of an elegant solution here (besides convincing him to just put a
> cheap computer in there to check emails and print them, he won't go
> for that for some reason)?

Outlook has the ability to automatically print emails as they come in.  Just
create a rule...

You could set this rule up on one of the computers they already have.


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