[thelist] email hosting referrals

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Sun Feb 24 17:10:07 CST 2008

Meredith Tupper wrote:
> Hi list,
> You all have steered me right with my last two requests for 
> referrals, so I'm back for more.  I have a client who has endured 
> quite poor email reliability.  I placed his site and mail with one 
> reseller, then another, then finally put the mail with a third party 
> mail host, and still his incoming mail is delayed by hours or never 
> arrives at all.  His ISP is RoadRunner and none of my other RR 
> clients have this problem so I can't blame them.
> Two questions:  Is there a valid way to trace email problems?  And 
> if not, can anyone recommend a really good third party mail host 
> with a decent webmail interface (like Horde rather than Squirrel 
> Mail), good spam filtering, and FAST reliable delivery?
> I appreciate any recommendations based on experience.
> Thanks,
> Meredith

Tuffmail.com has the best spam filtering and provides Horde and SM and 
others I think.
I wouldn't recommend them for novices though.


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