[thelist] faxing online orders?

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> >If fax machines/telecopiers are outdated technology, why are they still
> >being made?
> >
> >Granted, they aren't bleeding edge anymore, but I wouldn't expect to see
> >them disappear completely for quite a while.
> +1
> Windows XP still requires a 3 1/2" floppy for SATA detection...
> Similar situation

Well, the original Windows XP allowed for supplying additional mass storage controller drivers via a floppy disk. I don't know why you say "still" - if you have Windows XP Gold I don't know why you'd think that the code would magically morph on the disk to support something else down the track.

If you have Windows XP SP2, then it will detect most common SATA controllers.

And Windows has, for at least 10 years, had alternate mechanisms for supplying drivers which will vary depending on how you build the machine.


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