[thelist] CSS issue in a 3rd party/hosted forum....

Vincent.Heilman at nytrng.com Vincent.Heilman at nytrng.com
Thu Feb 28 08:15:23 CST 2008

Hi all...

it's been a few many years since my last request here. :-)

I'm stumped on a CSS issue that's i haven't solved yet.

We just transfered forums over to a "Groupee/eve" hosted solution. 
I took an existing wrapper,header,footer,etc. and post it to their admin 
area to wrap the forums. 
But, the problem is that the Groupee Forum tabs have a dropdown menu that 
is off on this site.
They float left about 200px(and down about 200px in IE)

Same code as other sites, but the gatorsports is off. (Worse in IE)

Bad site: http://forums.gatorsports.com/eve

Working:  http://talk.gainesvillemoms.com/eve, http://talk.tuscmoms.com

Any help or thoughts??  I don't think it's on their end...


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